“Lisa has the unique ability to grasp complex issues and break them down into digestible parts. She gets her audience to rediscover their innovative potentials. It shows her deep understanding of the interplay of economics, politics, social aspects and entrepreneurship in solving global challenges.

Tumenta F. Kennedy/ CEO AfricanBIB 

“Lisa's deep appreciation of the Brain Gym® Program and her deep trust in the work is present at all times. With infinite patience and unconditional love Lisa draws out each student's special gifts. She shows each person how much she/he already knows.  She answers inquiries by getting people moving, playing and discovering for themselves instead of lecturing to them and providing information.” 
Dr. Paul E. Dennison/ Brain Gym® founder 

“With her mother as one of the first International Brain Gym Faculty, Lisa has experienced the Brain Gym work from childhood and was one of the first young people to become fully certified in the work. She is professional, compassionate, and very coherent as a Brain Gym Coach, whether she is working with businesses, teachers, parents or children.”
Dr. Carla Hannaford/ scientist & author

“Most of all I appreciate Lisa's clarity and ability to grasp complex relationships. It is impressive how she is able to use kinesiology as a tool for smooth communication and as a means to tackle challenges. She is probably one of the youngest certified KinesiologistsBK-DGAK."
Susanne Degendorfer/ IAK Freiburg