Entrepreneurs doing business in Africa are very positive. Critical attitudes prevail with those not yet engaged in African countries. They lack orientation and networks on African markets and face communication barriers due to weakly established Euro-African business cultures. 

In my capacity as business consultant for entrepreneurs, companies and organizations, I open up perspectives on business and investment opportunities on African markets. I make available valuable networks and further offer advice on how to move and communicate in the respective business environments in order to realize business or investment projects. Based on an in depth analysis of interests and opportunities, broker services are provided towards a business communication on common grounds.

The transformation of African economies into the new frontier markets of the 21st century opens up a multitude of business opportunities. However, the African business landscape is largely new terrain for European and especially German businesses and investors. Many companies and entrepreneurs eye the accelerating potentials with suspicion. They lack networks and encounter major challenges in  communication in Euro - African business relations. 

Profit from my array of experiences on Euro-African economic, intercultural, political and interpersonal relations. Use the in depth insights into business dynamics and vast networks of economic and political actors to realize your business endeavors. Feel free to contact me for an introductory meeting on my concepts and services.

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Sub-Saharan African economies have been growing at a fast pace of over five per cent in the past years. A growing young and in large parts well educated population, a rising middle class, stabilized political and legal systems, and market reforms opening up economies for foreign investment establish numerous African countries as attractive new frontier markets, ...