In times of rising internally as well as externally generated expectations and pressure for performance, methods like kinesiology open up options that embrace these changing conditions in a proactive and creative way towards successful working experiences and a balanced life.

Kinesiology is a wonderful method to bring forth individual potential and accelerate the capacities of entrepreneurs as well as entire institutions or businesses. It provides unique tools to precisely determine challenges on various levels: psychological, physical and challenges of our environment. Personalized catalogues of movement exercises as well as massages serve as support to overcome these. They build down blockades, release stress, balance energy levels and allow you to reach your professional and personal goals.

As certified KinesiologistBK-DGAK and Brain Gym® instructor I work with and advise individuals and entities that are interested in using kinesiological methods in order to smoothen their capacities, their structures and working climate. Within the frame of workshops, presentations and in depth assessments you are provided with kinesiological tools, which can be individually integrated into the everyday affairs according to your particular needs. It is an unique opportunity for entrepreneurs to regenerate themselves and for institutions to support employees and revitalize the working climate. Kinesiological methods prepare a sound base for your business and yourself to break fresh grounds and generate creative solutions in the constantly changing environment of our times. 

Individual coaching sessions, so called Balances, offer you - especially young entrepreneurs and established professionals – an optimal option to use kinesiological methods to understand such external challenges and personal insecurities towards living your potentials and enjoying your strengths. For those interested in learning kinesiology in depth for professional and personal use - join my classes at the institute IKL.

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